Come Together (Our Service)

RetheRun is an independent fashion marketplace.

Our service provides an innovative e-commerce platform for public use. RtR does not produce, sell, or market any product to our buyers or sellers; our objective is to provide a seamless, digital peer-to-peer service that welcomes buyers and sellers of preloved fashion.

RtR does not take any responsibility for the products or listing on our site; we facilitate the transactions and provide marketing services to grow our community of “buyers” and “sellers.” Therefore, you, dear member (whether you are a seller or buyer or both), are herein referred to as “Users” of the RtR Service.

“Sellers” are those that list and sell items on the RtR platform, while are “Buyers” are those that purchase items on our platform. Together, buyers and sellers make up the RetheRun community and are entirely responsible for adhering to our policies and procedures, acceptable community conduct. They are solely responsible for the transactions that occur between them, including without limitation the listing and sale of items (referred to herein as “items” “goods,” “articles,” or “products” ) and any applicable product warranties.

RtR provides payment processing services on its platform using third party service financial providers like:

· Credit and Debit Card

· PayPal

Upon completing a successful transaction, sellers may receive a deposit to their designated PayPal account or request a check at, while buyers may have a purchase transaction on their credit card.

Please note: Only one payment instrument may be registered on the RtR profile.

RetheRun is a registered marketplace platform business in New York. Residents of certain states may have rights regarding concerns or complaints with our services. Please consult your local municipality for more information.

By accepting the RetheRun policies and terms of use, you, the user, accept our Privacy Policy and confirm that you will provide truthful and accurate information to RtR and comply with our regulatory requirements in providing payments services to you.

It’s All About You (Seller Guidelines) 

RetheRun values the trust you place on our service and so commit to enabling your safety and success on our platform.  When you create a profile and list your items for sale, you’ll provide a credit or debit card to validate your information and authorize the card. Your information will not be shared.  

We want you to rest assured we’ve got your back, so we include $200 Shipping Protection with every RtR prepaid label.  

Remember, The RtR platform will inform you, the seller, once one of your items has been sold, and you’ll have three business days to ship the item to the buyer. Once the buyer receives the item, they’ll have 48 hours to rate you (or open a claim). 

Working Together (Our Marketplace) 

RetheRun’s policies and terms were developed with you, the user, in mind. We want to nurture a vibrant and thriving community where trust, quality, transparency, and communication are valued.  

By adhering to our policies and terms of use, you help us achieve our goal of being the best and most reliable online fashion marketplace.

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