Here´s how RetheRun works:

Once you’ve selected which previously-loved items you’ll resell at RtR, you’ll need to photograph it and load it onto our site. While this can seem daunting, the more fun you have, the more creative the session and the higher the photo quality will be. (Creativity helps sales)

So, choose where you will photograph your item(s), well-lit, white, or uncluttered backgrounds work best (you can drape sheets over walls or doors to eliminate background “noise”). We strongly recommend broad hangers that allow the item to hang without looking limp, avoid hanging clothing on hooks or placing them on your bed.

Remember, you want your item to look fantastic to sell quickly at the top price, so take as many photos from different angles as possible. Include any defects or blemishes, however insignificant they may seem, in both your pictures and descriptions. Full disclosure on item quality is essential for your success and will result in a higher rating for you.

Sellers who have higher ratings get pushed to the top of the selling page!

Leave the photos in your camera roll for now.

Create an account.

Visit the link below to list an item:

If you are a new member, you will need to create an account. Once created, we will take you to the vendor listing page, and prompt you to upload the photos you took of your item. You will select the images from your camera roll. 

Be sure to include all details in your description, including brand name, style, fit, etc. the better the story about your item, the more likely it is to sell. 

Be descriptive

Shoppers tend to search for specific brands. If you know the item’s brand, including this in your listing can get you more traffic and views to your listing.  

All brands are welcome! (Even custom made pieces!) Just be sure to accurately describe the item and give exact measurements of chest, waist, hips and length of dress and sleeve in the description box.  

Use tags when appropriate to help buyers find your listing quickly: Try some like:  Designer, Wedding, Gown, Athleisure or Brand name.


RetheRun does not currently offer third-party authentication to authenticate goods sold on the platform. While we consider adding this feature in the future, for now we rely on our community and our reviewers to keep all articles listed on our site legit. 

To demonstrate authenticity, sellers are encouraged to include any of the following in their photo gallery and item description.  

  • Brand, Quantity, and Size 
  • Condition (be transparent about any damage or imperfections) 
  • Proof of authenticity, Date codes, and Receipts 
  • Serial Numbers, Certificates, or Brand markers (such as holographs or heat stamps) 

RetheRun does not allow the listing or sale of any counterfeit good. Branded products must be authentic and verifiable to be sold on RetheRun. 

We do not take kindly to fraud, so any seller deemed to be knowingly selling or promoting counterfeit merchandise will be subject to a lifetime ban from the RtR site and community. 

Setting the sales price

You will then set your listing price between $20 and $2,000. 

We encourage you to do your homework to sell more quickly. Search other resale sites for similar recently sold items to get a good idea of how to price your item(s). If you need some help in determining a fair price, email us at info@retherun.test. (Be sure to include photos, details, and original retail price of your item in your message.) 

As the site gets traction, sellers will be able to see previous items sold, with similar description to their item, to help them determine pricing so just be patient as we build our own network! 

Sellers set the price of their items. RetheRun charges a transactional commission for the service, platform innovation, security, and the support we provide our community of buyers and sellers.   

Items under $49.99: 10% commission.

Items over $50.00: 18% commission 

Publishing your item

Not ready to list your item? Tap Save draft to store the item listing without publishing it on the RtR site.  

Keep in mind, you will only have access to the vendor listing page for now, while we collect inventory before we launch. Once you create an account, you can view and manage your listings at any time! We will let you know before the site goes live and your items go on sale, in case you wish to modify or change any details! So don’t worry, you are in total control of your own listings! 

I am hopeful that this uploading process will be an easy one and that will take no longer than 10 -15 minutes per item. Please do reach out to me with ANY comments or feedback about how your experience went while you were uploading items! We are still in the developing stages of the website, so please be patient with us, and share feedback! 

Once the item gets approved, it can go live on! 

The site will be launching within the next few weeks, at which point, your items will be for sale to the public. 

Sales and Shipping

Once someone purchases your item, you will receive an email confirmation, along with a shipping label. You will print out the label, pack up the item (start saving amazon envelopes and small boxes to reuse), slap on the shipping label, and leave it at your door for the mail carrier to collect, or bring to your local fedex or UPS store. 

Once the item is received by the buyer, the buyer has 2 days to confirm that the item matches the description of what was posted, and rates the seller (sellers ratings will depend on how accurately they described their item, the quality and accuracy of the photos, the way it was packaged, etc..) The funds will then be released to the seller. 

Return Policy

RetheRunway cannot currently accept, or process, returns for any item(s) purchased on the marketplace. 

There are some conditions in which we can consider a return.  

Such as: 

If the item arrived damaged, or got lost in transit 

There is a suspicion that the item is fake or counterfeit 

The item is not as described on the website 

If the listing price is greater than $500, in which case, the seller has the option to offer a return policy. 

Thank you!

More information on return policies, procedures, and marketplace conduct will be available for your viewing as soon as the full website is up and running!

This is really just a special preview and pre-launch opportunity for my Fashionista V.I.Peeps to get started on listing your merch and Reselling the Runway with me!

For any assistance with your uploading, please don’t hesitate to reach out to info@retherun.test!

Happy Listing!